What’s your favourite Final Fantasy Battle Theme?


Lets face it.. Square Enix has produced some pretty epic Final Fantasy battle music over the years, but which is your favourite? Some of my personal favourites are Final Fantasy XIII’s ‘Blinded by Light’ and ‘Sabers Edge’. Final Fantasy XII’s ‘Battle for Freedom’ ,’Boss Battle Theme’ and Battle on the Bridge (Gilgamesh)’. Final Fantasy X’s ‘Seymour Battle (4th Battle with Seymour inside Sin)’ and ‘Other World’.

I find that they always seem to capture the atmosphere of the fight, be it a desperate fight or a easy light harmonic fight. But enought about me, I’m interested to know which battle themes you like, old or new. Let me know and post your comments below!

10 responses to “What’s your favourite Final Fantasy Battle Theme?

  1. I like that you included a couple of tracks from XIII. A lot of people are so quick to dismiss it, but I think it has an excellent soundtrack, and I especially like the theme that plays when you fight Barthandelus, ‘Fighting Fate’. It’s suitably epic. (As an aside, my favourite piece of music from FFXIII is ‘Dust to Dust’).

    You’ve listed a lot of the best battle themes in your post, and I’d be tempted to say ‘Fight with Seymour’ is my favourite… but then I remember ‘Don’t be Afraid’ from FFVIII, and I think that’s the one I’ll pick.

    On the topic of battle themes, have you heard the battle medley that has been performed at the 25th anniversary Distant Worlds shows? That’s worth hearing.

    • I thought that XIII had an awesomely under-appreciated soundtrack, so for my next music video which I will be uploading tomorrow, for you I will upload a piano recording of Dust to Dust that I recently learned, it was also my favourite track from XIII too.

      I do remember that track from VIII, I did like that one too. I have however, not heard about this medley, what does it include I wonder, I’ll have to look into this.

  2. Hmm, it won’t let me reply inline any more… The final part of it is ‘Those Who Fight’, the main battle theme from FFVII. No worries, I have a few more videos from that night if you’d like to check them out on my youtube channel.

  3. Bit of an oldie but it had to be the boss theme from final fantasy 6/ final fantasy 3, Still listen to it now, to me that was epic and it was also the first one of the series which i played.

  4. I agree that the music for XIII is epic. But the music for VII is just awesome all the way through it. Let’s face, the one thing they get right in ALL the FF games whether I love them or not is the music!

    • Same here, some people don’t understand how epic it is. That why I started learning piano from the age of 7, so I could play such beautiful music. They get it right every single time.

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